The issue of Belarus was discussed in Biden’s conversation with Putin

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На русском языке: Тема Беларуси поднималась в разговоре Байдена с Путиным
На беларускай мове: Тэма Беларусі ўзнімалася ў размове Байдэна з Пуціным

In today’s conversation between Biden and Putin, the issue of the situation in Belarus was discussed, this was reported by Victoria Nuland, US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

«More broadly, President Biden continues to believe that a more stable and predictable US-Russia relationship is in both countries’ interests. […] We will continue to have deep disagreements with the Kremlin on human rights, Mr. Navalny’s treatment, press and NGO freedom, Belarus, cyber threats, election interference, detaining American citizens, embassy staffing and many other things. President Biden has and will continue to raise all these issues with President Putin»,– Nuland said.

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