The KGB holds a 15-year-old brother of the admin of the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus hostage. He faces 3-10 years in prison

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На русском языке: КГБ удерживает 15-летнего брата админа «Сообщества железнодорожников Беларуси» в заложниках. Его хотят посадить на 3-10 лет
На беларускай мове: КДБ утрымлівае 15-гадовага брата адміна «Супольнасці чыгуначнікаў Беларусі» ў закладніках. Яго жадаюць пасадзіць на 3-10 гадоў

15-year-old brother of the admin of the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus is still held hostage by Lukashenka’s KGB. The boy was sent to the pre-trial detention center on Valadarskaha street in Minsk, he is charged under a criminal case with a possible sentence of 3-10 years’ imprisonment.

The initiative reported that all this time enforcers have been pressuring the teenager and beating a confession out of him. Since January 17, he was in the temporary detention center, then – in a special mental dispensary of the Investigative Committee, and since yesterday he has been kept in the pre-trial detention center. Lawyers and parents were not allowed to visit him for a long time.

The initiative calls on journalists, human rights activists and public figures to tell what is happening.

“If you find yourself in a similar situation, never believe any promises and persuasion of criminals in uniform, do not negotiate with them. Negotiating with terrorists is pointless!” @belzhd_live said.

We recall that on January 19 the KGB arrested a 15-year-old teenager and opened a fake criminal case under p.2 of Art.208 of the Criminal Code of Belarus («Extortion’). The boy was kept at the temporary detention center on Akrestsina for 3 days, not allowing lawyers or parents.

«We do not know what they were doing with the child all this time, on Friday he was released from custody and sent to the «Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Mental Health» (Novinki),» @belzhd_live writes.

You’re probably asking, «Why?» Because by pressuring a close relative, the lukashists are pressuring @belzhd_live. They  demand that the Telegram channel be deleted and that the activity be stopped.

This is the reality, this is what Belarusians face every day. And this is a direct proof that the Lukashenka regime is de-facto terrorist. And Belarusians who are detained for political reasons or for supporting Ukraine are literally held hostage.

We recall that the Telegram channel of the Community of the Railway Workers of Belarus has been closely following and publishing information about the huge number of military cargo trains of the occupational troops of the Russian Armed Forces arriving in Belarus since the beginning of the war. We believe that thanks to the work of @belzhd_live, among other things, it was possible to significantly slow down and make public the movements of military cargo trains of the Russian Armed Forces before the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Please help spread the information about how the Lukashenka regime is pressuring Belarusian activists by taking their relatives hostage.

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