The last Boeing 737 MAX 8, which Belavia never received, is sold

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На русском языке: Продан последний Boeing 737 MAX 8, который «Белавиа» так и не получила
На беларускай мове: Прададзены апошні Boeing 737 MAX 8, які «Белавія» так і не атрымала

Two weeks ago we wrote that back in 2018, Belavia ordered 5 of the latest (for those days) Boeing 737 MAX 8, which were supposed to replace the old Boeing 737-500 and 737-300 of the 737 Сlassic series in the company’s fleet. However, the airline only received one out of the five with registration number EW-528PA, which has recently been allowed to fly in the Russian airspace.

The others of the order were previously sold to Aerolineas Argentinas airline and Turkish Corendon Airlines.

And today, it became known that the fourth and last Boeing 737 MAX 8 (EW-529PA), which will now fly on the flights of Kazakhstan’s SCAT Airlines, was sold. The aircraft also received a new registration number – UP-B3737.

Today’s news means that the story with the purchase of Boeing 737 MAX 8 for Belavia Airlines is over.

The fate of all five Boeing 737 MAX 8 from the 2018 order looks like this:

❌Belavia EW-546PA → Aerolineas Argentinas LV-KEJ (Argentina)
❌Belavia EW-551PA → Aerolineas Argentinas LV-KEI (Argentina)
❌Belavia EW-547PA → Corendon Airlines TC-MKE (Turkey)
❌Belavia EW-529PA → SCAT Airlines UP-B3737 (Kazakhstan)
✅Belavia EW-528PA.

The last Boeing 737 MAX 8, which Belavia never received, is sold

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