How GPS jamming near Minsk became a precursor of war

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На русском языке: Как GPS-помехи под Минском стали предвестником войны
На беларускай мове: Як GPS-перашкоды пад Мінскам сталі прадвеснікам вайны

On March 10, 2022, we published an article, where we first told that the command center of the Belarusian grouping of the Russian Armed Forces – the so-called “Site 400. Kupol” – could be located near Minsk National Airport.

We also mentioned that since at least the beginning of March, an electronic warfare system (EW) has been operating on this territory, which caused heavy interference with GPS/GLONASS navigation systems. It’s possible that EW was used to cover/protect the command post.

This was also noted by Twitter user John Wiseman, who not only monitored the GPS jamming all over the world, but also saved it, and then released the website with the historical data on jamming.

Based on this data, it turns out that EW on the territory of Kupol started to work at least since February 15, 2022. But the most interesting thing is that the work of EW at Kupol was stopped immediately after the beginning of the retreat of the Russian Armed Forces from the Kyiv direction.

This means that the GPS jamming near Minsk was a very bad signal even before the start of the invasion, but no one understood this at the time.

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