The last lawyer of Viktar Babaryka was disbarred
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На русском языке: Лишили лицензии последнего адвоката Виктора Бабарико
На беларускай мове: Пазбавілі ліцэнзіі апошняга адваката Віктара Бабарыкі

Lawyer Yevgeny Pylchenka, who defended Viktar Babaryka, was expelled from the Minsk City Bar Association and deprived of his license, Radio Svaboda reports. A couple of days ago, the same decision was made against lawyer Natalia Matskevich.

It is reported that the reason for the disbarment was «systematic violations of the legislation on the advocacy». On October 19, by order of the Minister of Justice, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against Yevgeny Pylchenka and he was suspended from work. Pylchenko himself told reporters that the disciplinary commission of the board had two claims against him.

«First, it is as if I made remarks during the trial of Viktar Babaryka. And during court debates, I assessed the speeches of other lawyers. That is, for the same thing for which Dmitry Laevsky was expelled.

And secondly, I simultaneously defended Viktar Babaryka and Sviatlana Kupreeva, a friend of his family. And allegedly they had a conflict of interest. In fact, I never knew about a conflict of interest and there is not a single document that would talk about it. The KGB sent a letter that there is a conflict of interest — without arguments and documents. And the disciplinary commission, of course, believed the KGB, not me, and decided that I violated professional ethics»,– Pylchenka said.

Evgeny Pylchenka has been working as a lawyer since 2012, since 2018 he has been working in the law firm Laevsky and Partners. He defended ex-banker Viktar Babaryka, Sviatlana Kupreeva and his colleague, lawyer Maksim Znak.

This is the fourth and the last defender of Babaryka, who is disbarred. Maksim Znak was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Ilya Salei left Belarus, Aliaksandr Pylchenka was disbarred more than a year ago, Dmitry Laevsky – in July 2021, Natalia Matskevich was suspended from work on October 13, and on October 25 she was expelled from the Minsk City Bar Association.

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