The Ministry of Defense tells what Russian troops will do near Rechitsa and Gomel

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The Ministry of Defense spoke about today’s activities within the framework of the «Union Resolve» exercise. The training grounds «Gozhski» and «Brestski», the areas «Gomel», «Baranavichy» and «Rechitsa» will be involved.

The maneuvers near Gomel will include reconnaissance and search operations of the Russian Airborne Troops to block and destroy sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the conditional enemy and illegal armed groups.

The Russian motorized rifle troops will repel air strikes of a conventional enemy near Rechitsa, and practice survivability, withdrawal and occupation of defensive lines, crossing of the Pripyat River.

Air Defense Units of the Russian Armed Forces will repel enemy air strikes with live fire near Baranavichy. Units of the mechanized brigade of the Belarusian Armed Forces will conduct a defensive battle.

Belarusian special operations forces, as well as Russian paratroopers and airborne troops will practice taking military facilities and rear convoys under protection, as well as opening caches of illegal armed groups at the «Brestski» training ground.

Finally, units of the Belarusian Mechanized Brigade will fight a defensive battle at the «Gozhski» training ground. Air defense units will cover control points, firing positions, and defense areas.


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