The Prosecutor General’s Office reflected connection between the genocide and the events of 2020 in its materials

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The Prosecutor General’s Office reflected in the materials about the genocide of the population of Belarus during the Second World War its connection with the events of 2020. This was stated today by Valery Tolkachev, the head of the investigation team of the criminal case on genocide – the head of the department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus.

«The materials highlight not only the plans of Nazi Germany to carry out genocide, the activities of collaborative and nationalist formations, but also reflect the terrible connection of the times when in 2020 Belarus again faced manifestations of extremism and terrorism under Nazi symbols. Obviously, nothing has changed in the last 80 years. Those approaches that were used in the XX century during the Great Patriotic War, destructive forces, in fact, are used now,» he said.

He also called the events of 2020 an attempted coup. According to him, the Prosecutor General’s Office studied the reasons and conditions that contributed to it.

«In fact, we can see that the organizers, the inspirers of destabilization and overthrow of the government are mostly the political elites of the states from which fascism came to us in the XX century,» the representative of the Prosecutor’s Office said.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved said that draft information and reference materials on the genocide were handed over to Aliaksandr Lukashenka. If approved, the Prosecutor General’s Office will send them around the world, including to the prosecutors general of 180 countries.


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