The U.S. imposed sanctions against the head of the Belarusian Red Cross Organization, Topuzidis, Belomo, Horizont and other companies and individuals

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На русском языке: США ввели санкции против главы БОКК, Топузидиса, Беломо, Горизонта и других компаний и физлиц (обновляется)

The U.S. Treasury Department reported about the inclusion of 13 individuals and 20 legal entities from Belarus and Russia in the sanctions lists.

Eight individuals linked to the regime in Belarus came under the U.S. sanctions:

  • Dzmitry Shautsou, the head of the Belarusian Red Cross Organization;
  • Vadzim Babarykin, the general director of Beltamozhservice;
  • Mikalai Haichuk, the director of Zenit-BelOMO;
  • Aliaksandr Maroz, the general director of BelOMO;
  • Viktar Piatrovich, the director of Tabak-Invest LLC;
  • Aliaksandr Shakutsin, the chairman of the Board of Directors of AMKODOR OJSC;
  • Aliaksei Shkadarevich, the director of LEMT Scientific and Technical Center of BelOMO;
  • Pavel Topuzidis, the owner of Tabak-Invest.

And 11 legal entities:

  • Bellesbumprom concern;
  • JSC Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilov – management company of BelOMO Holding;
  • Zenit-BelOMO JSC;
  • HORIZONT OJSC Holding Management Company;
  • AMKODOR OJSC Management Holding Company;
  • Planar Research and Production Holding for Precision Engineering;
  • Management Company of the Holding Belarusian Cement Company;
  • Republican Unitary Enterprise Beltamozhservice;
  • Scientific Technical Center LEMT BelOMO;
  • Tabak-invest LLC.
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