Viasna: husband and wife were sent to celebrate the New Year at Akrestsina for the firework on December 31 at 23:34

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На русском языке: «Вясна»: за салют 31 декабря в 23:34 мужа и жену отправили встречать Новый год на Окрестина
На беларускай мове: «Вясна»: за салют 31 снежня ў 23:34 мужа і жонку адправілі сустракаць Новы год на Акрэсціна

«Viasna naziraye» telegram channel published the story of detention of spouses in Minsk on New Year’s Eve. They set fireworks at 23:34 and for this they got to Akrestsina for 15 and 13 days of arrest. We publish the details of this case.

On December 31, Elena and Nikolai Gaevsky set a firework in the courtyard at 23:34, but immediately after that they were detained by law enforcers. In the Partizansky police department, protocols were drawn up against the husband and wife under Art. 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offenses for «unauthorized picketing.» Their cases were reviewed on January 3 in the court of the Partizansky district. The trial was conducted by Judge Mikhail Makarevich. The man and woman didn’t plead guilty.

According to the protocol, they «picketed by launching a pyrotechnic means (fireworks), on a call previously posted in destructive telegram channels.»

Nikolai explained at the trial that the salute was for 100 volleys and they launched it «solely for personal reasons», since in 2020 he served under the «people’s» article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. But he noted that he and his wife did not shout any slogans or picket.

A witness policeman said at the trial that he personally observed the launch of the salute. He claims that the salute was of white-red-white colors, and after the launch, Nikolai and Elena shouted «provocative slogans.» The court, of course, found no reason to doubt the accuracy of the policeman’s explanations.

In addition, the proof of guilt was «subscription to destructive telegram channels, with the content of which they were constantly acquainted.»

The detention report says that the security forces detained the husband and wife a minute later – at 23:35.

The court’s decision even mentions Article 35 of the Constitution of Belarus «Freedom of assembly, rallies, street processions, demonstrations and pickets that do not violate law and order and the rights of other citizens of the Republic of Belarus is guaranteed by the state.» But the court for some reason did not take this into account.

According to Judge Makarevich, the launch of the salute at 23:34, its color and slogans in a public place testify to the political nature of the actions of Nikolai and Elena. The result of the trial was the arrest of Nikolai for 15 days and Elena for 13 days.

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