Putin is not coming to the «Union Resolve — 2022» drills

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is not planning to attend the «Union Resolve – 2022» exercise. This was stated today by the Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

«No, the president has no plans on it,» he said in response to a relevant question.

It should be noted that it is not yet clear when exactly Aliaksandr Lukashenka will attend the drills. Last year, Putin and Lukashenko did not attend other large-scale joint exercise «West 2021» together, although they visited them separately, on the territory of their countries.

Peskov noted that the «Union Resolve – 2022» drills are large-scale due to a higher tension of the situation.

«Yes, there may be a larger scale than before, but the situation is much more tense. Both Russia and Belarus are also facing unprecedented threats, the nature and, probably, the concentration of which now, unfortunately, is much higher and much more dangerous than it was before,» he said.

«Union Resolve – 2022» drills begin on February 10. They will last until February 20. The maneuvers will be held at all the main training grounds of the Belarusian army, as well as on the terrain, including Polessie.

Source: Reform.by

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