World freestyle champion Aliaksandra Ramanouskaya was fined for rally

Sport Solidarity Foundation
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На русском языке: Чемпионку мира по фристайлу Александру Романовскую оштрафовали за митинг
На беларускай мове: Чэмпіёнку свету па фрыстайле Аляксандру Раманоўскую аштрафавалі за мітынг

Aliaksandra Ramanouskaya (Belarusian), World champion in freestyle skiing, was detained after training on November 10. This is reported by the Sport Solidarity Foundation.

The arrest occurred around 4:30 p.m. Now the athlete is at the Partizansky district Police Department of Minsk. Details are being clarified.

At 15:00 it was reported that Aliaksandra got a 90 base rate fine. Today, the court found her guilty under Article 24.23 paragraph 1violation of the established procedure for holding a meeting, rally, street procession, demonstration, picketing, other mass event, committed by a participant in such events, etc.

We recall that in October, the athlete was fired from the National Team in freestyle. The official reason was called truancy. Allegedly, the athlete did not warn anyone when her father had a stroke, and did not appear for training. Ramanouskaya herself said that at the time of dismissal she was on sick leave.

After the 2020 presidential election, Aliaksandra Ramanouskaya, along with other athletes, expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the security forces to brutally suppress the protests.

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