Journalist of Belsat Katsiaryna Andreyeva was sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment

Photo: Belsat
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На русском языке: Журналистку «Белсата» Катерину Андрееву осудили на 8 лет колонии
На беларускай мове: Журналістку «Белсату» Кацярыну Андрэеву асудзілі на 8 год калоніі

Katsiaryna Andreyeva, the journalist of Belsat, was sentenced to 8 years in a penal colony. It is reported that Andreyeva was found guilty of «providing state secrets of the Republic of Belarus to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives.»

Last February, she was sentenced to 2 years in prison on charges of gross violation of public order for streaming from the “Square of Change” [a courtyard in Minsk famous for its protest activity – ed.] during protests.

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