Opinion. Kharytonau on the meeting of the U.S. Helsinki Commission

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На русском языке: Мнение. Харитонов о заседании Хельсинкской комиссии США
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Харытонаў пра паседжанне Хельсінкскай камісіі ЗША

Journalist Serge Kharytonau in his Telegram channel shared his impressions and thoughts on the results of the hearings of the US Helsinki Commission on the crisis in the Republic of Belarus, which ended the day before in Washington. Kharytonau was invited as a media expert of the iSANS network. The editors of motolko.help have collected everything into one material.

On hate speech

During today’s meeting, I gave oral and written testimony about the use of hate speech and calls for violence in media, which are financed from the budget of the Republic of Belarus and controlled by the self-proclaimed «president» of Belarus.

In the written part of the testimony, I provided expert recommendations of the network of @iSANS_Belarus on minimizing the consequences of the activities of the so-called «state media of Belarus» and their «advisers» from the Russian Federation.

Among other measures, it is proposed to completely block the accounts controlled by Lukashenka of «world champions in calls for violence» in social networks (including accounts of TV channels and propagandists on YouTube), the beginning of international criminal prosecution of employees of the «state media» who openly called for violence against civilians after August 9, 2020, as well as a number of restrictive measures against RT and the Kremlin propaganda network for participating in supporting the armed seizure of power in Belarus in August-December 2020.

On trade with Lukashenka's regime

U.S. partners in the Persian Gulf (primarily the UAE) should be faced with a choice: trade with the U.S. or trade with the Lukashenka regime.

Such an initiative was made at the meeting of the US Helsinki Commission by David Kremer (the Former Director for Human Rights and Democracy of the McCain Institute, who has served for four years as the President of Freedom House and the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy).

This proposal is connected with the information available to the American authorities that the Lukashenka clan stores the proceeds in the UAE that were obtained through corruption.

Also this week, the materials of the meeting of the Helsinki Commission of the United States will be transferred to representatives of Congress and the White House for further decisions regarding Minsk junta and its Russian partners and sponsors.

Among the latter are individuals and structures that took part in the Russian operation to support the armed seizure of power in Belarus in August-December 2020.

On migration crisis

At the meeting of the US Helsinki Commission, among other things, the issue of the necessary US reaction to the hybrid attack by Lukashenka regime against three NATO member states (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia) and the migration crisis coordinated by representatives of Minsk junta at the border areas of these states was considered.

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