Opinion. «Rabochy Rukh» on the situation at Belarusian enterprises

Illustration: "Rabochy Rukh" telegram channel
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На русском языке: Мнение. «Рабочы рух» про обстановку на предприятиях Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Рабочы рух» пра абстаноўку на прадпрыемствах Беларусі

«Rabochy Rukh» telegram channel published a post, in which the authors talk about what is happening at enterprises in Belarus, how the situation with salaries is and what will happen in the near future. We quote the opinion unchanged.

There were problems with spare parts, components and raw materials. The sales markets have contracted considerably. Sales are conducted mainly through trading houses and representative offices registered abroad. Many consumers are hesitant about whether to continue the partnership and are not in a hurry to buy. There is a clause in the contracts about force majeure and referring to them, the contracts are terminated without any economic consequences for the buyer. If production is still possible, work is carried out in the warehouse, but warehouses are not limitless… Many organizations carry out «optimization» – staff reduction.

Production volumes are minimal at the refinery, some units are stopped, some are working for the internal market, production is unprofitable, and the price of motor fuel will be raised more and more often.

In March, there were attempts to start up the second unit of BelNPP (Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant), which was built for huge loans. Without even starting to work properly, the plant is constantly undergoing «scheduled» repairs. Whether the electricity will ever be cheap in Belarus is a rhetorical question. In the meantime, on April 1, the tariffs for electric power services will be raised again, and the increase of the electric power tariffs is a question of time.

The state-owned airline Belavia will soon forget about flying, it will be excluded from international booking and ticketing systems. Problems with planes and their maintenance, the last hope is to buy Russian Superjets, but even with their appearance there are no prospects.

As far as fertilizers are concerned, there are many difficulties with sales and settlements (not many banks allow the receipt of money to the accounts of enterprises), and the nitrogen group is saved only by the price of natural gas (which is the main raw material) provided by Russia to Belarus. The current gas price for Europe is 10 times higher, taking advantage of the low cost of raw materials, Belarusian companies significantly reduce the price of fertilizers and bribe customers. Gomel Chemical Plant used to sell almost its entire output via Ukraine, now there are no sales. Lukashenka has ordered his new appointee, Aleksei Skraga, the general director of Belarusian Potash Company, to «keep the trade quiet and secret – like with arms». Does anyone else think sanctions don’t work?

Dying enterprises are filled with finances, credit obligations are repaid from the national budget, and subsidies are allocated. New loans are issued against the pledge of real estate, raw materials, components and not released products (which are included in the production plan in 2022). They try to keep salaries in figures at the level of the previous ones, so that there is no discontent in the work collectives. Somewhere it works, but somewhere there are no finances, «voluntary» time off and vacations begin…

Despite delays on debts provided by Russia, the launching of the printing press and other tricks, financial difficulties will begin for a large part of the population, salaries will decrease this month and next month. Lukashenka has a great hope for another financial aid from Putin, but the situation in Russia is that the aid, if it comes, will be obviously less than requested…

Tightening our belts won’t help any more, aiding and abetting the war against Ukraine has put a huge cross on the Lukashenka’s regime. Strike is coming, stock up, sign up for the «Rabochy Ruch» platform @stachka_by_bot, and sabotage work.

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