Opinion. Yahor Lebiadok on Lukashenka’s image

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На русском языке: Мнение. Егор Лебедок об имидже Лукашенко
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Ягор Лебядок пра імідж Лукашэнкі

Columnist Yahor Lebiadok published a post on his Facebook page, in which he talks about how propaganda forms personality cult of Lukashenka, as well as what the «inspiring» of Belarusian society will lead to. We quote his words unchanged.

Rephrasing a well-known saying: all citizens are equal, but there are slightly equal.

From BelTA news: «During the referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution, polling stations abroad are not planned to be opened. Traditionally, the proportion of voters abroad is less than 1%.» The logic is ok:who cares about 90 thousand Belarusians, why bother for them? The equality of citizens in our country is increasingly reminiscent of the famous work of Orwell.

Today, one propagandist asked the «fourth» question: «Are we worthy of such a leader as Aliaksandr Lukashenka»? Well, if by «we» he meant a team of propagandists and adepts, then okay. And if the people (which is most likely, because it turned out from his speech that the people must thank God for 1994), then I recommend that readers google in which country and when similar words were heard in relation to the «leader» and the people, who turned out to be unworthy and could die.

Do not be lazy, google it, because this year is the year of historical memory. And now we need it more and more!

Well, now an attempt to restore the image of A. Lukashenko as a celestial, and not an ordinary official, is increasingly visible. The image of him destroyed in 2020 even among adepts («go away» screamed in his face at the MZKT, he spoke about death, and his other statements and actions). From the beginning of 2021, they simply formed the image of «saving the country» and saying let’s turn the page.

Recently, the transition to a cult of personality is being conducted: statements by the military, the transition from the sufficiency of non-resistance to complete loyalty, which rests only on the personality, the «merch of the first», etc. And the lack of international recognition and contacts, the transition of external military-political independence under the patronage of the Russian Federation, obvious even to the vertical of power, will stimulate an even greater inspiring of the image as saving from threats, which form everything around – therefore, they say, there are no international contacts, as well as a person on whom all the happiness of Belarusians depends and there can be no other in principle.

Most likely, there will be no sideshow with rallies with portraits as under Soso Jugashvilli – it’s problematic to find people for such rallies, and it will become too obvious where we are going (although I will not be surprised if this happens by summer), but they will inspire – in educational institutions, various organizations and TV, of course.

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