Opinion. «Belarusian Order» on Lukashenka’s payback for Putin’s support

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На русском языке: Мнение. «Белорусский порядок» о расплате Лукашенко за поддержку, оказанную Путиным
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Беларускі парадак» пра расплату Лукашэнкі за падтрымку, аказаную Пуціным

«Belarusian Order» telegram channel published a post in which the authors talk about the forced neutrality of Lukashenka, to whom the regime supplied weapons, and what is the role of Belarus in the Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts. We quote the opinion unchanged.

It’s never happened, and here it is again. Luka denies, no one was going to send any troops anywhere, and the intergovernmental agreement, officially published in the Russian Federation, applies only to doctors. Although it clearly says «military contingent». And ByPol reported on the recruitment of military personnel for sending to Syria a year ago.

But the point is not another lie. It is time for the old to pay back the support he received from Putin in 2020. One of the Kremlin’s grievances against Luka was his unwillingness to get involved in Russian adventures around the world. Not out of much peacemaking, of course. Neutrality was simply more advantageous to him, because it allowed him to trade with all parties to the conflict. He has done this repeatedly, both in Ukraine and in Syria. There will be a little entertaining story.

In the midst of the war in Syria, Lukashenka showed all kinds of support for his like-minded Arab brother. The Assad regime bought rolled metal products, MAZ (they are very popular in this country). Belvneshpromservice, a well-known arms exporter, was actively working.

In parallel, Belarus sold weapons to Syria through Bulgaria for tens of millions of euros. The nuance is that the final recipient was the Syrian insurgents, who fought against both Assad and ISIS. Even more interestingly, the main nomenclature were ATGMs, both launchers and missiles. ISIS had virtually no tanks. So against whom could such weapons be used? Basically, against Assad’s troops and the Russian army. Not a great ally, of course.

In parallel, another episode takes place. In the same period, there is an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian tanks run on Belarusian diesel fuel, which causes great confusion among Russian patriots. The export of dual-use goods and equipment was in full, the Ukrainian army is experiencing an acute shortage of equipment.

The enterprise «Ukrainian Armored Vehicles» arises out of nowhere, whose legal entity used to produce plastic basins. And at the end of 2015, produces «Warta» armored vehicle, which should come into service with the National Guard. Avakov and Co. state that the device was created «with the participation» of Belarusian engineers. At a minimum, it uses a Mazov chassis and a Russian engine. There will be many more scandals with this miracle of technology, but it has nothing to do with our history.

The real degree of participation of Belarusians in the Ukrainian project is carefully hidden. But in 2019, as part of Assad’s forces, very similar machines were seen, but under the unknown SAV brand. Russian propagandists immediately attack the Ukrainians, saying that they sold it to the bloody regime, although they themselves are for democracy. They, in turn, accuse the Moskals of deliberately forging an armored vehicle to tarnish Ukraine, which does not trade with dictators. Out of politeness, I will not remind you about the $1.7 billion export of Belarusian oil products, but Ukraine really has nothing to do with it – they disrupted all the deadlines under their contracts. What would they do with such a toxic customer.

More detailed photos show that the armored vehicle structurally repeats «Warta». We recall that MAZ trucks are massively exported to Syria. And we find that in 2017, Bashar al-Assad told ONT that the first batch of spare parts was being prepared, which would come for assembly production in Syria. And then, there was not a sound about it in open sources.

Summing up what has been said, one gets the impression that this is actually a Belarusian project, which was first sold to the Ukrainians, and then to the Syrians. For the production of armored vehicles both in Ukraine and Syria Belarusian components are required, which provides a stable profit.

Morality? There will be no morality. In our reality, it hid somewhere in a corner, where it died, forgotten and unnecessary.

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