Hub for transportation to the EU? Alleged route of migrants in Minsk

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На русском языке: Хаб для переброски в ЕС? Предположительный маршрут мигрантов в Минске
На беларускай мове: Хаб для перамяшчэння ў ЕС? Магчымы маршрут мігрантаў у Мінску

The editors of were reported the alleged route of migrants in Minsk. It is written that their stay in the Belarusian capital consists of at least 3 locations. They go by bus to the site near the Minsk Concert Hall from where they walk to the Willing Hotel Minsk on Lenina Street, 50.

Hub for transportation to the EU? Alleged route of migrants in Minsk

From the hotel, a taxi is called by people of Arabic appearance (it is not completely clear whether they make the call on their own, or someone calls a taxi for them centrally). 4-5 people with children get into the car and go to Kuprevicha Street.

There is IT Time Hotel (Akademika Kuprevicha Street, 4), where cars drive from the back side.

According to our information, they are met by «tented» gazelles near the hotel, where they throw all their luggage. And the migrants themselves get into civilian cars with Belarusian license plates. They are accompanied by people of European appearance who talk to them in Arabic and are dressed in hunting trousers with patch pockets and army boots, the top clothes are civilian.

Hub for transportation to the EU? Alleged route of migrants in Minsk

The editors of receive a large number of testimonies and confirmations, thanks to which we can talk about the reliability of the tracked route. We are told that in the last two weeks, «crowds of migrants» have been walking on the site near the IT Time Hotel and along Kuprevicha Street. People of Arab appearance for some time live / spend the night in the IT Time Hotel, and residents notice them going to the supermarkets Pervomaisky and Belmarket. They also write that in this hotel, a large number of migrants’ belongings have accumulated.

"We live near Kuprevicha Street. Repeatedly, the above-mentioned people stopped in the streets and asked in poor English how and where they can call a taxi, and some asked where the nearest "mobile shop" is. As a rule, these are large families with children. There are a lot of them walking, going shopping from the hotel to the supermarket Pervomaisky, as well as Belmarket on Kuprevicha Street"
"IT Time Hotel. Guests from the Middle East arrive there. Guests leave stuff and passports in the room, take away blankets and disappear without a trace, so the hotel has accumulated a lot of abandoned things".

On Kuprevicha Street migrants take a taxi. 4-5 cars arrive, 10-15 people get into the taxi and leave all together.

It is also worth mentioning reports on migrants at the National Airport Minsk. It is reported that there is a separate queue for passport control for them in MSQ. According to some information, they are allocated a separate window to issue visa upon arrival in Belarus.

"I was at the airport the night before the flight from Baghdad arrived. Cars, vans and crossovers are waiting for migrants in the P2 parking lot. People of European appearance are at the wheel, Arabs are on the passenger seats".
"Yesterday there were a bunch of Arabs at the airport, about 21-22 left on buses with zero region license plates, accompanied by people in clothes of protective colors".

Migrants were also seen:

  • At the entrance to the East Time Hotel behind the Lukoil gas station on Velosipedny lane, 2
  • At the Agat Hotel on Karbysheva Street, 25

Recall that in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the emigration crisis continues. Official Vilnius, Riga and Warsaw believe that the Belarusian authorities have artificially organized the flow of refugees from the Middle East and call it hybrid aggression. The Belarusian authorities deny their involvement, but the flow of illegal emigration to European countries has grown many times against the background of the deterioration of relations between Belarus and the EU in general and Lithuania in particular.

In addition, Lukashenka himself has told it more than once. The first time was at the end of May, after the sharp reaction of the international community to the landing of a Ryanair passenger plane and the capture of journalist Roman Protasevich. Then many international flights to Belarus were canceled, and transit flights began to fly around its perimeter.

In response, Lukashenka said that he would not control the border with the European Union: «We stopped drugs and migrants — now you will catch them yourself».

Hub for transportation to the EU? Alleged route of migrants in Minsk

Then in June, on the day of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he said that there is no money in Belarus to control the border with the EU: «Thousands and thousands of illegal migrants rushed to Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. They demand that we protect them from smuggling, from drugs. Even from across the Atlantic, a signal is heard: «Help, as it was before, delay nuclear materials so that they do not get to Europe». Are we really going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to protect your geopolitical interests?»

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