No tax on USN of 5% for Sole proprietors (will be from 13%).Simplified taxation will only be available for certain organizations?

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На русском языке: У ИП исчезнет налог при УСН в 5% (станет от 13%), а упрощённое налогообложение будет доступно только для определённых организаций?
На беларускай мове: Для ІП скасуюць падатак пры ССП у 5% (стане ад 13%), а спрошчанае падаткаабкладанне будзе даступнае толькі для пэўных арганізацый?

A document was sent to the editors, which is called the draft «On Amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus». 

Let’s make a remark that amendments draft to the Tax Code of Belarus has not yet been published, so it is not possible to confirm the authenticity of this document.

We compared the data given in this document with the current Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus. We present what innovations are in this document.

Ст. 324 в документе проект «Об изменении Налогового кодекса Республики Беларусь».

▪️Sole proprietors, notaries and lawyers no longer have the right to apply a simplified taxation system (USN), now only organizations do

In the current version of the Tax Code in Art. 324 it is said that sole proprietors, notaries, lawyers and organizations have the right to apply the USN. In this document, this right is given only to organizations.

▪️Organizations that have subsidiaries are forbidden to apply USN

This is stated in paragraph 2.3. Art. 324. There is no such clause in the current Tax Code.

▪️From 2022, a limit is set on the use of USN — revenue is not more than 1,000,000 BYN, and the number of employees in the state is not more than 15 people

This is stated in paragraph 2.6. Art. 324. There is no such clause in the current Tax Code.

▪️There’s also no USN for shipment with accounting, only for payment with maintenance in the book

This is stated in paragraph 1. Art. 333. There is no such clause in the current Tax Code.

▪️USN with VAT no longer exists, only without VAT. Those who want to be a VAT payer apply the general system of taxation

Art. 329. in this document: «The tax rate under the simplified system is set at five (5) percent».

Thus, if in the current Tax Code the rate for sole proprietors is 5% on the USN, then in this document the minimum rate is 13% of revenue or 16%. That is, the tax for sole proprietors will be at least 2.5 times higher than now.

You can read the document here


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