Leaks. Pruzhany DSoIA threatens a woman to take away her children and ban her on leaving Belarus

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На русском языке: Слив. В Пружанском РОВД угрожают женщине, что заберут у нее детей и запретят выезд из Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Зліў. У Пружанскім РАУС пагражаюць жанчыне, што ў яе забяруць дзяцей і забароняць выезд з Беларусі

At the disposal of editors of motolko.help was an audio recording of a survey of Pruzhany activist Aliona Gulevich, who was forced to leave Belarus under pressure. In the audio, Lieutenant Colonel Igor Omelyanchuk, the head of the Pruzhany DSoIA, threatens the woman to take away her children and forbid her to leave Belarus, stressing that everything will be «according to the law».

In the process of «questioning», he repeatedly tells the woman what they have done and are going to do with the Pruzhany activists. And he actually says that people are being pressed for their active citizenship, and he also doesn’t like that he is in the «Punishers of Belarus».

Here is a full transcript of the audio.

Omelyanchuk: You’ve taken on such a burden of responsibility. Do you understand what you’re doing? You’re a lot younger than me.

Gulevich: So what?

Omelyanchuk: So what.. You know, it’s like at school: when I finished school, you only went to the first grade. We treat you in a normal way, I talked to everyone. I say to Mishka: «Misha, my dear friend, another photo will come out with your revolutionary songs…»

Gulevich: To what Mishka? Who’s Misha?

Omelyanchuk: That, Kisiel. It was before that, when he was taken away from the square… I tell him: «Misha, here I have screenshots that GUBOPiK sends». I say: «Mikhail, here is a photo, Pruzhansy residents, very active people, being in Brest, carry a poster for Khabarovsk. Misha, where is Khabarovsk?»  He says: «In the Khabarovsk Region». I say: «Well done, it’s like Pruzhany in the Pruzhany district». Laptanovichi. So he said, because in the Soviet Union army he served in Khabarovsk, so he knows where it is. I say, «Well, go through the water cannon case, a serious one». I tell him: «Misha, don’t go to the square, don’t gather, don’t say your will – sit at home. And I will write that I don’t know who these people are there, you know. Yes?» That the round dance was, they made screenshots of photos of everyone, selected and sent to police departments. I told many people: «Don’t go, don’t show your civic position, stay at home».

Gulevich: But they haven’t been going anywhere for a long time already.

Omelyanchuk: So listen, I’m talking about how it all comes. It’s okay, everyone’s used to it. I don’t recognize you — you don’t go… But he violated it, after 3 days Misha went to prison. I say to the second one: «Kulesha, don’t go, they will…. to the last drop of blood». He went. Third, fourth… Now it’s time, I tell him, «Listen, I warned you. Now I warn you like this – a letter. This letter will go to the head of the Investigation Committee in the Brest region. Because [you] continue to take an active citizenship. These people may be subject to preventive measures in the form of detention. The Laptanovichi have a sad story in general: their children will be taken away and they will be in the village of Solnechny. So if you don’t understand, so do we».

Gulevich: Aren’t you sick of it?

Omelyanchuk: No. It’s okay, it’s just a work plan.

Gulevich: So who did anything last time?

Omelyanchuk: Yesterday we drove out.

Gulevich: So what did they do? They waved flags, shouted, marched? What?

Omelyanchuk: I can’t understand what they want.

Gulevich: So, did you make any demands on us yesterday?

Omelyanchuk: Well, that should be answered for. When 20 of my employees, among other things, I am in the «Punishers of Belarus». What for am I there, tell me?

Gulevich: How do I know?

Omelyanchuk: You can read for what. I’m there for being a friend of Sandrigailo. I think damn, I’m friends with him, fu**, for 10 years already, it’s ridiculous. And it turns out as we went to Gulevich with an inspection. Stepus and who else… Gulevich wrote a song, Dzed-baradzed voiced it. And Stepus is in «The Punishers». Now it will definitely happen to Gulevich. Her friend Onokhova, who will also become a victim of the revolution soon. I will call you victims. And in relation to you, I will also take measures to ban travel outside the Republic of Belarus.

Gulevich: On what basis?

Omelyanchuk: Simply. On Monday, we will consider that you are a family at socially vulnerably situation. Being on sick leave you shy away from raising children. Well, everything will be legal. The commission will come, you are here with me — you are.

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