Monologue. Working conditions at MTW and possible causes of death of a worker in the forging shop

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На русском языке: Монолог. Условия работы на МТЗ и возможные причины гибели рабочего в кузнечном цеху
На беларускай мове: Маналог. Умовы працы на МТЗ і магчымыя прычыны гібелі рабочага ў кавальскім цэху

Yesterday, worker Alexander Trushchenko died at MTZ. The Ministry of Emergency Situations writes that the incident was reported at 16:28. The worker was squeezed between the walls of the shotblast machine in the forging shop. The cause of the incident is called a violation of safety rules to the deceased.

After this incident, a former colleague of Alexander wrote to us and told us that this was not the first fatal outcome in the forging shop. And the number of cases when people were left without limbs is impossible to count at all.

«I have worked at MTW for almost 14 years. In the forging shop, everything there is held together with a chewing gum, in principle, as well as on all state-owned enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. The man who died was named Alexander Trushchenko — a good guy, let’s say, a laid-back guy, rooting for his principles. Like everyone else, he had pros and cons.

Monologue. Working conditions at MTW and possible causes of death of a worker in the forging shop

Violation of safety measures goes throughout the plant, everything is held together with chewing gum, as in all plants, most likely. That’s one of the reasons I left the state-owned enterprise. I worked in the forge of MTW, where the deceased did. Workers in most cases are silent, and then such a case excites, Investigation Committee checks all safety measures journals on all instructions and signatures. And he (Alexander Trushchenko), most likely, just wanted to help the worker, and in the end was crushed with the flap from the shotblast machine.

Now they will look for a scapegoat, and they will find, most likely, the head of the site to blame, but the person will not return. In fact, like Issikawa, the fish rots from the head. Negligence is and was at the factories. Only during my time of work in the forging shop of MTW and after leaving — this is the second fatal outcome. I don’t count how many people have been injured during my time there. As a rule, in the forge it is the loss of a limb: finger, hand, arm, eye. This doesn’t yet get into the channels, as ambulances take workers with loss of consciousness, when it’s  + 30 ° or + 35 ° in the street, and in the workplace even 70-100 °C. There’s a slave labor, and the conditions are pre-war time, as well as equipment that is more than 100 years old (and I do not exaggeate this). Personally, on my site where I worked, there’s still the equipment, on which the Germans stamped casings for shells during the First World War».

In social networks, people also write that the cause of death could be a violation of safety measures, which are not observed at the plant, and leave condolences to the relatives and friends of Alexander.

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