The atmosphere in state structures: apathy, dismissals, in a word, it’s been hell

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На русском языке: Атмосфера в госструктурах: апатия, увольнения и одним словом – «ж*па»
На беларускай мове: Атмасфера ў дзяржструктурах: апатыя, звальненні і адным словам – «ж*па»

Yesterday, the telegram channel «MotolkoPomogi» asked readers to tell about the atmosphere that now reigns in state institutions and ministries. Dozens of reports of nepotism, mass layoffs, inspections and more were made to the @motolko_bot.

The story of an employee of the Ministry about how people are now looked at there «like at dirt», you can already read here, and now we have selected a few more illustrative stories to tell.

Institution of Culture

«The situation is like a cemetery. Apathy, a state close to the Italian strike, the classic «stay quiet». There’re more sick with COVID than during previous waves, whole departments are on sick leave. There’s no understanding what will be in a year or two or three. Just a void ahead. We don’t really talk about politics, but if you touch upon the issue, there are a lot of dissenters. Everyone’s face smile is a little happier than at the funeral».


«Staff cuts are everywhere, departments are disbanded, the rates of chiefs and deputies are reduced. For these extraneous reasons they get rid of unwanted people. The wanted ones are attached to other departments. The most wanted (snitches, for example) keep the salary due to inflated bonuses. People are massively pressured to join the labour union or risk losing their jobs. One of the main criteria when hiring is snitching on bosses on colleagues. If you disagree, they won’t hire you.

The general mood is «we are against, but we will adjust». There are, of course, quite the specimens that are frankly «for» and support what is happening in the country. As a rule, they are ardent snitches and bad specialists. There are also those who are openly «against», do not join the labour union, do not sign letters, express an opinion. They’ve never been liked — uncomfortable. But they, as a rule, are the best specialists. Culture itself is of last interest. It is more important to please the ministry, make a plan, report on indicators. In fact, everything can be bad, the main thing is that on paper there is what you need».

Employee of the government agency

«The other day I was fired because I signed for Babariko. Colleagues are blossoming and happy, because my bet will be divided and they will work at 1.5 rates. Such exempt rates after the signatories for Babariko are increasing. There are bootlickers and they’re really happy, so many vacancies between them are divided into part-time jobs. Did you think  there’s despondency at the government agencies? No. Those who remain in my organization consider themselves the best, get 1.5 bets and are happy. They hope such salary will always be there».

Ministry of Emergency Situations

«There is a lot of work, and there is enough nonsense, like fire prevention work (walking through housing for the purpose of preventing fires, during the pandemic!). The mood is «on a suitcase», everyone wants to leave, even those who were previously held by official housing, payments of «start-up» and for studying are leaving».

Branch of state statistics

«Among our colleagues, there’s the same atmosphere as it was a year ago. Most are just afraid. It is forbidden to subscribe to «extremist» Telegram channels. People in principle do not know what is happening in the country. There are those who are against it – almost all the youth, there are those who are for him, there are those who are for an alliance with Russia».

Tax agency

«The situation in one word is «f**k», it didn’t get better, it’s getting worse and worse. And before the elections, it was total garbage, but now — total darkness: money, money, give us money, schemes, fines, salaries in envelopes, if there’s a fine, then close to the maximum,  plus bureaucracy. All the experienced and best are dismissed. Over the past six months, about 4 people. If you have a contract, then you’re not fired, the workers are forced to re-register in another district to terminate the contract. If they hire someone, it is on the principle of nepotism or loyalty (young people). A few more people are going to resign, most of the retiring are executives. Overall, it’s a [bad] business».

Health Care institutions

«The situation is absolutely terrible. There are a lot of patients, this strain is highly contagious. Diagnostic equipment breaks, does not withstand the load, and there is no money for replacement. Until the new year, we still somehow survive, but then — the end. People do not renew contracts, pensioners work. Everyone hates the authorities. After yesterday’s speech of Lukashenko, it is not clear at all what will happen. How to make people wear masks is unclear now. How to vaccinate people when the state channel says that the vaccine is [bad]?

The teams are depressed, everyone is swearing, covid premiums have decreased. We live today, what will happen tomorrow is unclear. We have no rates or employees for planned assistance. It’s easier to go on strike, anywhere. Just not to be involved in all of that».

Internal Affairs agencies

«Everyone is dreaming of contracts’ ending and leaving. Severe shortage and outflow of personnel. There is nothing to say about specialists, even ordinary employees are not enough. They recruit everyone, sometimes even people without higher education or with a criminal record».

State Control Committee

«In general, everyone feels good, salaries are high, starting from 1800 BYN and above, they hold on to their places with their teeth, they are not going to go anywhere, because in fact they do not know anything else, and it’s almost impossible to have such salary somewhere else. There are also vacancies, but it is problematic to find ‘proven people’. All the money that is planned for the salaries of empty vacancies, but are not spent, at the end of the year is divided into bonuses, as savings between employees in different proportions, so everyone is happy about understaffing».

Educational institutions

«The rectorate puts «convenient» and «flexible» people in the positions of acting head without voting and notifying the department (even the opinion of the dean of the faculty is not asked). The administration checks when people who are undesirable to the university run out of contract (so as not to renew it). Pensioners are quietly fired. New positions are introduced where they put former (?) KGB officers. They say that there is a «black list» of employees and after you find out that you are in it, you need to stay quiet. The salary of the «right» head of the department is on average 2000 BYN, and the «wrong» — 500r. Everyone silently performs their work and is indignant only about some internal order. People whose involvement in the fake elections is known, behave as if they did nothing wrong».

Judicial system

«All the judges who did not hide their position on the elections, violence, lawlessness of the security forces or simply posted emojis, reposted the news  are fired, they do not extend their powers after the expiration of a 5-year term. These are both ordinary judges and managers who are really great specialists, who have worked in the judicial system for more than 10 years. The rest are intimidated. Many have ceased to communicate with each other, everyone is kept apart, the situation is nervous, they began to look for corruption in everything, they are summoned for interrogation to law enforcement agencies, they are looking for traitors everywhere.

Those who managed to curry favor being an ordinary judge, are offered a promotion without looking at the lack of both professional qualities and experience of the leader. There are also snitches in the court who snitch immediately to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, while they do not hide it a lot».


«A lot of people are on their nerves, a lot of nepotism, father-son-daughter-mother work in different combinations. Relatives, of course, are aware. Many have conflicts in families, people frankly do not understand why their relatives are bullying and mocking them. They stop communicating, and the Chekists in their hearts appeal to understanding and argue: where else will I find a job for 2,000 rubles with such a social package».


«Drivers’ salaries decreased by 130-170 rubles. Even if the balance is driven and with extra hours, still miserable. Among the drivers there is a different contingent: yabatski [Lukashenka’s supporters-ed.] (mainly management, but there are drivers), a lot of vatniks [followers of propaganda- ed.] (if only they were not touched and allowed to finish to retirement, and after work to take a glass and life was a success). Drivers get sick a lot. The management is afraid of strike, but its prospects are not yet visible to many, they’re heroes only in words. Overall gloomy. But there are normal colleagues too. Strike is meant to be.»

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