No cool dudes. The security forces are shown on TV, and Belarusians laugh at this

The program "Panorama" on the BT TV channel
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На русском языке: Нечеткие пацаны. Как по ТВ показывают силовиков, а беларусы над этим смеются

Yesterday, the security forces were shown at a round table with Lukashenka on BT TV channel. The report was designed to acquaint viewers with the new appointees in the state security system. But all the people in uniform had a tightly blurred upper half of the body, so that the acquaintance failed. Only one appointment became public — the new Minister of Justice is Siarhei Khomenko. The faces of the rest were hidden «for obvious reasons».

‘Defenders of the fatherland’ often pretend that the blur on the face is a sign of courage, but Belarusians for some reason do not believe it and just laugh.

No cool dudes. The security forces are shown on TV, and Belarusians laugh at this

For Belarusian state television, such shots are common practice. Back in 2020, ByNet burned laughed at a similar screenshot of BT TV.

And at the STV TV channel’s video, where the OMON officers in balaclavas with changed voices assured that they could not be intimidated.

And over the ceremony of awarding the best policemen, whose heads for some reason did not get into the shot.

Yesterday, BT TV once again showed a cheerful picture with the blurred faces of the security forces. The screen of the TV show immediately became a meme: it is difficult to imagine another country in which the defenders of the people are so afraid of their people. We have collected for you the funniest reactions.

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