«Yezhednevnik List»: Moshensky, Biely, Topuzidis. Which of the businessmen may come under EU sanctions?

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На русском языке: «Список Ежедневника»: Мошенский, Белый, Топузидис. Кто из бизнесменов может попасть под санкции ЕС?
На беларускай мове: Спіс «Ежедневника»: Машэнскі, Белы, Тапузідзіс. Хто з бізнэсменаў можа трапіць пад санкцыі ЕС?

Yezhednevnik published a fresh top-100 successful and influential businessmen of Belarus. Viktor Kisly, the Director General of Wargaming, headed this rating, and we can congratulate him on it.But today we would like to tell you a little bit about something else. We analyzed the positions in the ranking of those who have already been included in the sanctions lists and suggested who may be a candidate for «joining» the new sanctions package.

Alexey Oleksin — 2nd position. The owner of Energo-OIL rose by two lines in the rating. Probably, things in the tobacco (including smuggling) sphere were going really well. At least until Alexey came under the 4th sanctions package of the EU in June of this year, and came under US sanctions in August.

It is also worth noting that after that, the world-famous company Philip Morris stopped selling IQOS in Belarus, where Energo-OIL was the monopolist.

Mikalai Varabei —5th position. Incredible rise immediately by 11 positions in the ranking.

But he’s not doing so well. At the beginning of the year, Ukraine took away the oil product pipeline from the businessman, and later Varabei came under the sanctions of the United States and Switzerland.

Alexander Moshensky- 6th position. The owner of Santa Bremor dropped from the first place. The long-standing «purse of the regime» is still under sanctions, but we think that it is only a matter of time.

In fact, Alexander was supposed to be in the «package» at the end of last year, but according to journalists, he managed to persuade Iceland, from where his company imports fish, to influence the decision of the EU.

Pavel Biely – 21th position. Got 4 positions higher. As for the manager of the Tapas group of companies, it is enough to recall that he is a businessman close to Lukashenka.

It was his company that organized the construction of the Lebyazhy biological reserve, where the apogee was the construction of a restaurant on the shore of the lake with all possible and impossible violations.

Nikolay Martynov – 43th position. Got 5 positions lower. An example of a long-time pro-regime businessman who is not very well heard, he is the owner of the Marko shoe holding, and in 2019 Lukashenka awarded him the Order of Honor. Martynov opposed the strikes and said that the political situation in the country is rocking from the outside. And he was a delegate to the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly and entered the so-called «constitutional commission».

Alexander Shatrov — 54th position. In the ranking, he lost 21 positions at once. In June, Shatrov came under the 4th sanctions package of the EU, after which he transferred 81% of his shares to Synesis in order to circumvent the sanctions, and also left the list of owners of the Russian subsidiary.

"Tobacco Kings". Who of the tobacco sector may come under sanctions?

The tobacco industry is currently one of the regime’s most lucrative areas. It is impossible to get there just like that, there is smuggling and good kickbacks.

Pavel Topuzidis — 12th place. Plus 9 positions in the ranking. Tobacco and trade magnate, owner of the Korona hypermarket chain, chairman of the Board of Directors of Tabak-Invest LLC, and an old good friend of Alexander Lukashenka.

Tobacco factory Tabak-invest is not under sanctions now. Since 2004, they have been producing cigarettes under license from Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and are actually a competitor to GTF Neman, which until recently produced cigarettes under BAT license.

Viktor Petrovich — 13th place. Plus 9 positions in the ranking. This person closes our today’s list, it will be enough to say about him that he is the director of Tabak-Invest LLC.

If you have evidence of cooperation with the regime or participation in repressions about any person involved in the list of «Yezhednevnik» — please write to us in a special bot @motolko_nbr_bot with specifics and proofs.

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