«Tourists from Iraq were rushing to my door at 2 a.m. Foreigners about the «guests» of Minsk hotels

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На русском языке: «Туристы из Ирака в 2 часа ночи ломились ко мне в дверь». Иностранцы о «гостях» минских отелей
На беларускай мове: «Турысты з Ірака а 2 гадзіне ночы грукаліся ў дзверы». Замежнікі пра «гасцей» мінскіх гатэляў

«Tourists from Iraq were rushing to my door at 2 a.m. Foreigners about the «guests» of Minsk hotels

In the last six months, Minsk is literally crawling with guests from Arab countries, they are noticed on the streets, in shops and, of course, in hotels. We decided to analyze what foreigners write about the behavior of guests from Arab countries in hotels in Minsk, and at the same time make a list of hotels where those same «guests» were noticed.

All the comments are given in the period from 15.09 to 3.10, which allows us to make a fairly up-to-date list. 

Hotel Yubileiny (Pobediteley Avenue, 19)

Price per night: from $38

«Tourists from Iraq were rushing to my door at 2 a.m. Foreigners about the «guests» of Minsk hotels

Guest review of stay in the hotel Yubileiny from a tourist from Israel

«Very noisy because of guests from Middle Eastern countries».

Many guests of the hotel note that some guests smoke in the rooms, the smell of tobacco smoke is in the corridors, and the very situation in the hotel is «sovietmade».

«The smell of cigarette smoke. Many guests neglect the ban on smoking, so I would like to warn people who are especially susceptible to such smells, from visiting this hotel. The situation itself is pretty Soviet. Both of the rooms I had, there was a trouble opening and closing the bathroom doors. Not very critical, but still. There was not always water in the cooler on the floor. In this regard, I really wanted a teapot in the room».


Hotel Minsk (Nezavisimosti Avenue, 11)

Price per night: from $45

«Tourists from Iraq were rushing to my door at 2 a.m. Foreigners about the «guests» of Minsk hotels

A guest of the hotel said that «tourists» from Iraq were rushing to his room at 2 am

«The old room is located on the 4th floor. There was action on the floor all night. The administration sees everything, but does nothing. I was told to call the police. There’re many «tourists» from Iraq with their own culture of residence. At 2 a.m., «tourists» were rushing to the door».

«Middle East intourists smoking in nearby rooms».

Belarus Hotel (Storozhevskaya Street, 15)

Price per night: from $48

  • «Just a staggering number of Arabic-speaking guys whose wives and children in the daytime «park» in the bushes of the park, and spend nights in warm hotel rooms».
  • «A lot of visitors from Eastern countries, they smoke in the rooms, the floor is smoky completely, the smell is even in the room. We asked for a higher floor, but they gave the 5th floor, perhaps there were no rooms available».

IT Time Hotel (Kuprevicha Street, 4)

Price per night: from $24

«Tourists from Iraq were rushing to my door at 2 a.m. Foreigners about the «guests» of Minsk hotels

Guest review of stay at IT Time Hotel

«Just a bunch of cattle of non-Slavic appearance, yelling, stinking, lying right on the floor — it was just ***** [extremely bad — ed.]! Thought it’s all just downstairs, but no. As a result, at about 00:30 I could not stand it and went to the corridor from the room in my underwear to shut up these screaming **** [guests from Arab countries — ed.] who simply opened all the rooms and decided that the corridor at night was a place for talking at the top of their lungs. As a result, after a kick to the most active one, everyone ran to the rooms. In the morning, when asking the administrator «Do you have a transshipment base of migrants to Europe here?», she only looked away saying that everything was coordinated with the leadership. I think this is my last time in this hotel!!!»

Sport Time Hotel (Myastrovskaya Street, 2)

Price per night: from $24

«Worried about a large number of people of Arab appearance, who don’t look like athletes. The towel was changed, but it there was a hole in it».

Willing Hotel (Lenina Street, 50)

Price per night: from $48

«There were Arabs in the hotel who yelled at night, kicked with feet at each other’s the doors. It was simply impossible to sleep! There was no room cleaning at all! It’s horrible»;

«I didn’t like the fact that there were a lot of Arabs of unknown origin in the hotel. Everyone smokes, spits.. They say that these are refugees, but in my opinion this issue should be resolved by the administration somehow. I have nothing personal to the Arabs, but I don’t feel comfortable…»

Additional information from readers of the Telegram channel «MotolkoPomogi»: 

  • «There are no rooms in the Orbita Hotel due to the fact that a whole hotel is inhabited by Iraqis, Afghans, etc.»
  • «They were in the Agat Hotel last week»
  • «Migrants still live in the Comfort Aparthotel on Shchorsa Street, 1A, every evening they’re brought there with large bags»
  • «Migrants also live in the Arena Hotel»
  • «IBB Hotel. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been more of them»
  • «There’re few families from Eastern countries in the Tourist Hotel»
  • «I watched the picture as a van with Russian license plates brought a group of migrants of Arab appearance. They got out with huge bags and went to the Garni Hotel, which is near Komsomolskaya Street»
  • «Crowds of migrants are walking near the Sputnik Hotel on Chkalova Street in Minsk»
  • «I saw a family of 5 people who were a hundred meters from the Almaz Hotel (Gerasimenko Street) and were walking in the opposite direction from it. At first I thought that they were Gypsies, but in our neighborhood Gypsies somehow dress more brightly, but their clothes were darker tones»
  • «There are a lot of them in the Sputnik hotel, for several months every Sunday I drive by and there is a crowd of Iraqis or Syrians»
  • Many «tourists» from Iraq in the  Orbita Hotel near the Pushkinskaya metro station. Seems like the hotel, where the light was burning in two windows in the evenings earlier, now earns good money»
  • «Imported ones are also located in Bonotel Hotel (opposite Calvaria). In summer I saw them washing under hand pump installations at the Calvaria»
  • «The Planeta Hotel was forgotten. There’re crowds all the time».
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