A «Lithuanian» Airbus appeared in Iran

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На русском языке: «Литовский» Airbus объявился в Иране

In early March, the motolko.help project reported about a suspicious transfer of two Airbus A340 aircraft with reg. numbers C5-MIA and C5-MIC from Lithuania to Iran. Both aircraft ‘disappeared’ just over the territory of Iran, although the destinations in the flight plans were further away, in Asia.

A few days ago, the aircraft flying under the number C5-MIC (serial 933) finally appeared in Tehran with a new Iranian registration number.

A «Lithuanian» Airbus appeared in Iran

Airbus A340 (former C5-MIC) with new reg. number EP-MMH at Imam Khomeini Airport (Tehran, Iran), 9.04.2024 / Planespotters

In the photo dated April 9, which was taken at Imam Khomeini Airport (Tehran, Iran), one can notice that the Airbus A340 has already received a new reg. number – EP-MMH, the last two letters can be seen on the landing gear hatch flap. This number previously belonged to another such Iranian aircraft, which was then sold to Venezuela.

A «Lithuanian» Airbus appeared in Iran

Now the Airbus A340 (EP-MMH) will fly Iranian Mahan Air's flights / Planespotters

This fact fully confirmed our March assumption. This Airbus will be operated by Iranian airline Mahan Air. Also, we can now say with certainty that a similar future awaits the second ‘missing’ C5-MIA in the coming days.

By the way, after our article was published, the third aircraft with reg. number C5-MIB was still in Lithuania and still didn’t manage to leave Siauliai. And, probably, it won’t leave. At least to Iran.

A «Lithuanian» Airbus appeared in Iran

Airbus A340-600 (C5-MIB) at Siauliai International Airport on April 11, 2024

We recall that the three aircraft had been «parked» in the parking lot of Siauliai airport (next to the Lithuanian city of the same name and the NATO air force base) since 2022. The owner of the aircraft at that time was considered to be the leasing company Macka Invest Company «from Gambia».

A «Lithuanian» Airbus appeared in Iran

4 Airbus A340 in the parking lot of Siauliai Airport, 27.08.2022: the 'long' A340-600 (C5-MIB&C5-MIC) and one of the shorter ones – A340-300 / Googlemaps

If you know which Lithuanian companies are involved in this «operation», write to the @Motolko_bot, email [email protected] or via the contact form below.

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