A children’s hospice, which has existed since 2000, is being liquidated in Vitebsk

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Vitebsk officials decided to liquidate the children’s hospice. The regional court will review this case on January 12, People’s News of Vitebsk writes. The plaintiff is the Main Department of Justice of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee.

The children’s hospice in Vitebsk was founded in 2000. It was founded by doctors Siarhei and Tatsiana Lyalik, who lost a child.

Another children’s hospice was liquidated in Grodno six months ago. Its leader Volha Velichko was forced to leave for Poland due to political persecution.

In addition to the hospice, the Main Department of Justice of the Regional Executive Committee wants to liquidate a number of public organizations on January 12 in Vitebsk. These are the sports club of the water polo «Vitbich», the Friendship Society «Polotsk-Friedrichshofen», «The way from the Varangians to the Greeks» community, and the Dubrovensky Society of amateur beekeepers.

The «cleaning up» of public organizations has been going on since July 2021 in Belarus.

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