Tsikhanouskaya’s representative: Lukashenka is thinking about the consequences of his policy

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Valery Kavaleuski, the head of the Cabinet of Representatives of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, spoke on the air of Euroradio about the sanctions and how Lukashenka reacts to them.

«The fact that Yara took this step [eliminating the purchase from Belaruskali] is very important, since Belaruskali is one of the most important sources of currency and this is what supports the regime. Of course, we expect that the narrowing of the customer base will put pressure and, in general, will force Belaruskali to think about its revenues. This will affect the position of the government, the Lukashenka regime, and all this in total, step by step, builds the pressure that makes Lukashenka think about the consequences of his policy,» Kavaleuski believes.

But why does Kavaleuski say that Lukashenka thinks about the consequences of his policy? This is how Tsikhanouskaya’s representative explains it:

«First of all, this is a rather nervous reaction to the fact that sanctions are being imposed. We see wave after wave of the campaign against sanctions in Belarus, despite the fact that at the official level, it is stated that sanctions can’t affect anyway. I would even say that these international actions of Lukashenka, which we have seen over the past year, are also a reaction to pressure. A reaction of uncertainty that he is keeping control«.

According to Kavaleuski, Lukashenka wants to get rid of diplomatic and political isolation and lift sanctions.

Source: Euroradio.fm

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