A student who came to the trial of Ivulin was arrested because of the stripes on his backpack

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A 19-year-old student of the Pinsk Pedagogical College Ilya Dabradzei was detained in the court of the Savetski district of Minsk before the start of the review in the case of Aliaksandr Ivulin. The reason for the detention was the white-red-white stripes on his backpack, human rights activists report.

Police officers regarded the stripes on the backpack as «unauthorized picketing», took the student to the Partysanski District Police Department, where they made a report on him under Article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. At the trial, the man did not plead guilty. Judge Natalia Dedkova found him guilty and sentenced him to 10 days of arrest.

Source: Reform.by

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