A villager who wanted to be an observer at the referendum went to the Village Council and disappeared

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Mikalai Sushkou, the resident of Chenki village in Gomel region, who tried to become an observer at the referendum, went to the village council and disappeared, human rights activists report.

He was nominated to the PEC by collecting signatures. They were not accepted on the basis of an incorrectly executed signature sheet (the initials of the signatories were not fully indicated, the address did not contain the name of the settlement).

Aleksei Kobzarov, the chairman of the Chenki Village Council, sent a message to Mikalai on Facebook and invited him to a meeting at the Village Council on local issues. According to Mikalai, he had never done this before.

Yesterday morning Mikalai went to the Village Council and disappeared, and didn’t answer the phone.

Source: Reform.by

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