A young political prisoner with mental retardation has been refused pardon

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Dzmitry Hopta, a 22-year-old political prisoner, the resident of Gomel suffering from a mental disorder, has been refused the pardon. This is reported by human rights activists with reference to his mother Volha Hopta.

The petition for pardon of Hopta with a full package of documents was submitted a few months ago, but the young man did not get into the list of 13 people whom Lukashenka pardoned on the Day of National Unity. After that, representatives of the «Round Table of Democratic Forces» of Yury Voskresensky (who shows activity in the issue of pardoning political prisoners) told Hopta’s mother that in the second list for pardon Dzmitry «is the first». However, the commission decided to refuse. Reform.by has already contacted Volha Hopta to find out the details.

Dzmitry Hopta was officially diagnosed with mental retardation, requiring care and treatment. He was detained for participating in the August 10 protests in Zhlobin. The young man signed all the confessions that were made to him by the police. At the same time, the examination concluded that, despite mental problems and his diagnosis, Hopta could be held criminally liable. In February, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Dmitry was recognized as a political prisoner. He is serving his sentence in Penal Colony No.3 in the village Vitsba.

Source: Reform.by

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