The Tax Office may inspect the compliance of income and expenses of individuals for ten years

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На русском языке: Налоговая может проверить соответствие доходов и расходов физических лиц за десять лет
На беларускай мове: Падатковая можа праверыць адпаведнасць даходаў і расходаў фізічных асоб за 10 гадоў

The Tax Office can check the correspondence of income and expenses of individuals for ten years. This comes from the new law «On Changing Laws on Taxation», which was adopted at the end of last year. According to the text published on the National Legal Internet Portal, the Tax Code was supplemented by Article 73-1 «Cameral verification of the compliance of expenses with the income of an individual».

Such a check involves comparing the expenses and income of an individual with data from the tax office. It is held for a full calendar month (or several months) of the current calendar year, as well as for 10 or more previous years.

Inspection can be carried out based on:

  • a written request from state control bodies, internal affairs bodies, state security bodies, prosecutor’s offices and the Investigative Committee (in connection with the conduct of administrative proceedings, as well as in criminal cases);
  • order of the Minister for Taxes and Dues, its deputies, heads of inspections of the Ministry of Taxes and their deputies;
  • documents and (or) information on income received by an individual, expenses incurred by the tax authority.

It is noteworthy that no order is issued to conduct such an inspection and the individual will not know about its beginning at all. Its purpose is to identify individuals whose expenses exceed income, as well as the amounts of actually incurred expenses and sources of their income.

If excesses of expenses exceed income in the amount of 500 or more base rates are detected, the tax office will request explanations about the sources of income, the necessary information and (or) documents. The request is served personally under the signature or sent by registered mail with a notification of receipt. At the same time, information about the request will appear in the Taxpayer’s Personal Account, or via SMS, e-mail and other channels. It is also worth noting that when accounting for expenses, the tax office will take into account the amount in the «size of the subsistence minimum budget on average per capita», which at the moment is 321 rubles and 22 kopecks.

In addition, the inspection period can be extended by 3 months and requests can be sent to the competent authorities abroad. After the end of the inspection, the individual is given 30 days to give explanations of where he got the funds. According to the publication, if expenses exceed official income, then unaccounted income will be subject to income tax at an increased rate of 20%.

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