Aliaksandr Ivulin was sentenced to 2 years’ imrpisonment

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Sports journalist and blogger Aliaksandr Ivulin was sentenced to two years in prison, Mediazona reports. The same term was requested by the State Prosecutor. The case was considered by Judge Siarhei Shatilo.

Ivulin was found guilty under Part 1 of Article 342. According to the prosecution, on August 23 and September 29, 2020, Ivulin took part in group actions that grossly violate public order, and also organized such actions by posting videos on YouTube since August 7, 2020. Minsktrans sued Ivulin for 39 thousand rubles (approx. $15,000) for the damage caused.

In his last word, Aliaksandr said that he had started his own YouTube channel to talk about Belarusian sports in an easy, accessible and cool way. The full text in Russian is published on the Mediazona website.

«And if my YouTube channel had some, no matter how pathetic it may sound, mission, then this is definitely not a discrediting of the social and economic, political situation in the Republic of Belarus. I wanted people to understand what great athletes we have and fall in love with Belarusian sports. I wanted Belarusian sport to become a phenomenon, a significant part of Belarusian society for many, many years. I wanted our stadiums to have full houses, and after football and hockey matches, people go out with their children to the yard and play football, hockey, basketball – it does not matter at all. So that our nation, I repeat, no matter how pathetic it may sound, would be healthy,» Ivulin said.

Ivulin said that he had signed a contract with the football club Krumkachy and asked the court not to deprive him of the opportunity to play football. Aliaksandr spoke about his family and his elder brother with a disability, who needs his help.

«The fact is that I have a brother, he is disabled since childhood, his name is Siarhei. And this year he will be 39 years old. This is my elder brother, but due to the developmental characteristics, his socialization did not go as it should, and at the age of 39 he cannot provide for himself, he cannot work. A person’s entire social circle is three people, one of whom is me. He has no friends, he has no acquaintances. And, so that you understand, when I was in jail, it was his birthday. And the most significant gift for him was a mosaic for 500 parts and that Sasha would be let go home,» Ivulin said.

According to Aliaksandr, he has been the only source of moral and material support for a retired mother, a disabled father and a brother in recent years. In conclusion, Ivulin said that he continues to believe in the rule of law, the norms of human morality and people.


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