How much do the cars gifted to Lukashenka cost? BYPOL Investigation

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На русском языке: Сколько стоят подаренные Лукашенко автомобили? Расследование BYPOL
На беларускай мове: Колькі каштуюць падораныя Лукашэнку аўтамабілі? Расследаванне BYPOL

The BYPOL initiative published an investigation that talks about gifts to Alexander Lukashenka. The investigation became possible thanks to the hacked databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs committed by Cyber Partisans. Over the past 5 years, various individuals and legal entities have gifted 31 vehicles to Lukashenka free of charge and unselfishly. BYPOL estimates that the collection is worth $6,181,000 as at October 2021. These figures are not final and may differ from the real prices at the time of their acquisition in bigger side.

The editors of have chosen the most expensive gifts.


Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard, state number 3901 OH-7 is estimated at 1,400,000 euros (or $1,583,000). Lukashenka received such a gift from Aizhan Konenbayeva, the wife of Maksim Bakiyev, the eldest son of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the internationally wanted ex-president of Kyrgyzstan. The authors of the investigation note that even Vladimir Putin does not have such a protected car.


2011 and 2012 Maybach 62S, state numbers: 8441 OI-7, 2398 MX-7. Each such car is estimated at $810,000. These are gifts from businessman and former official Alexei Oleksin.


2008 Rolls Royce Coupé, state number 8029 IP-7 costs about $500,000. In the collection of Lukashenka, this car appeared thanks to Yury Chizh, the former head of the Triple company.


ZIS-110 car, 1947 year of production. Its state number is 0413 CA-7. Such a car costs at least $460,000. This is another gift from Aizhan Konenbayeva, the daughter-in-law of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kyrgyzstan’s fugitive president.


BCC Vintage retro car 2018 release with the state number 9862 CE-7 is another gift from businessman Alexei Oleksin. In the decoration of the car — inserts of leather, wood, diamonds and gold. Its cost is $340,000.


Rolls Royce Silver 1954 release, state number 1000 PB-7. Such a car costs at least $225,000. This is a gift from the Belglobalstar company, which is associated with Sergey Teterin. Until August 3, 2021, he was the chairman of the Belarusian Tennis Federation.


Rolls Royce Ghost 2014 release, state number 5822 CI-7. Another Rolls Royce in the collection, which costs $205,000. Such a gift was received from Alexander Kruglenia, the general director of LLC TD Beltehnika.


Bentley Continental 2010 release, state number 9957 ME-7. The car is estimated at $190,000. This is a gift from Lukashenka’s personal doctor Sviatlana Konoshenko. It’s interesting that she received this car as a gift from Russian businessman Alexander Tryapochkin.


Chevrolet Impala 1958 release with state number 4866 HA-7 — another gift from businessman Alexei Oleksin. The cost of the car is $175,000.


2019 Range Rover, state number 9373 CP-7. The cost of such a car is $140,000. This is a gift from Alexey Oleksin.

According to BYPOL, over the past 5 years, Alexei Oleksin presented Alexander Lukashenko with nine vehicles with a total value of about $2,584,000. Among them are also GAZ-69 of 1967, Harley Davidson motorcycle of 2017 and Java-350 of 1969 release, tricycle Spider F3SM6 of 2015 and others.

The famous Tesla, which, allegedly, was presented by Elon Musk himself, turned out to be a gift from businessman Nikolai Vorobei in the amount of about $110,000. Vorobei is the owner of the companies Interservice, Neftebitumen plant, Absolutbank and others.

Among the donors is Dmitry Baskov. As a memento from ex-hockey coach of Nikolai Lukashenka, Alexander Lukashenka’s collection will include a GAZ-20 of 1949, worth at least $52,000 with the state number 0064 CA-7. And from Vasily Savin, the director of BATE Trade House — Buggy Bombardier 2013 release, worth $20,000 with the state number 9998 AB-7. But from a certain Anatoly Belov — another Rolls Royce. This time a car of 1954, worth at least $100,000, with the state number 0153 AA-7.

According to the investigation, most of the cars, were issued through a gift agreement or re-issued in the form of a contract of gratuitous sponsorship to the military unit 01549, namely the Presidential Security Service.

We remind that Article 17 of the Law «On Combating Corruption» states that «a state official is not entitled to accept gifts, with the exception of souvenirs given during protocol or other official events».  This applies to spouses of officials and their relatives.

Article 22 of the Law «On Civil Service» states that «souvenirs received by civil servants during protocol and other official events, the value of which exceeds five basic values (145 BYN or $57) shall be transferred to the state’s income by decision of a commission established by the head of the state body in which the civil servant holds a position».

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