Lithuanian Railways informed Belaruskali about the termination of the contract

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Lithuanian Railways has officially notified Belaruskali of the decision of the Lithuanian government to declare the concluded agreement invalid. As the press service of the Lithuanian Railways reported today, the corresponding letter was sent to the Belarusian counterpart on Monday, January 17.

Along with the letter, Belaruskali was provided with a copy of the government resolution and the conclusion of the Coordination Commission, which gave an opinion on the inconsistency of the contract to the national security. On Tuesday, the Belarusian manufacturer was informed about the refusal of the freight forwarder of the Lithuanian Railways to accept goods for the next month.

«We are implementing the resolution adopted by the government on February 1. We will stop providing services to Belaruskali under the contract concluded in 2018. In case of receipt of new applications from existing or potential customers for the transportation of Belarusian fertilizers, the railway freight company LTG Cargo will consult on them with state bodies, including on objects important for national security,» Egidijus Lazauskas, the CEO of Lithuanian Railways, commented on the situation.


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