Belarus introduces visa-free regime for citizens of Poland on July 1

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На русском языке: C 1 июля Беларусь вводит безвиз и для граждан Польши
На беларускай мове: З 1 ліпеня Беларусь уводзіць бязвіз і для грамадзян Польшчы

According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, this is made in order to «maintain good neighborly relations.» The visa-free regime will be valid till December 31.

Polish citizens can enter Belarus without a visa through the checkpoints on the Belarusian-Polish border. They will be allowed to stay in the border area without a pass. When entering Belarus, they will have to verbally tell the border guards what settlements and for what purpose they are going to visit in the border zone.

To enter Belarus, they will need to present a document for traveling abroad and medical insurance, and for traveling by car – a green card. PCR test and certificate of vaccination are not required.

In April, Belarus introduced the visa-free regime for residents of Lithuania and Latvia. It is valid till the end of this year.

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