Belpochta introduces a commission of 15% for issuance of international transfer payments
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На русском языке: «Белпочта» вводит комиссию в 15% от суммы за выдачу международных переводов
На беларускай мове: «Белпошта» ўводзіць камісію 15% ад сумы за афармленне міжнародных пераводаў

The amendment will be introduced on July 4. The 15% commission will apply to the issuance and recalculation of cash payments of incoming international postal transfers at post offices and at home.

In this case, the commission will not apply to the issuance of international transfers for socially significant non-trade payments.

Earlier we wrote that the National Bank of Belarus ordered all banks to introduce commissions (at least 15%) for foreign currency withdrawal by Russians. The ultimate goal is to limit the ability of Russians to carry out currency exchange transactions, to prevent taking foreign currency out of Belarus.

According to our information, Russian citizens quickly switched to receiving money transfers at Belpochta [Belarusian post] branches after commissions were introduced in Belarusian banks. Now this option is closed for them as well.

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