Belarusian athlete Vital Hurkou recorded a video message because of the escalation around Ukraine

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Belarusian kickboxer Vital Hurkov made an address on the alleged invasion of Ukraine. Vital believes that the Ukrainians will fight back seriously. According to him, he met many decent people in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia during his sports career. At the same time the fights in the ring did not prevent them from being friends. The video message is published on the YouTube channel of the Belarusian Foundation for Sports Solidarity.

«We fought in the ring, but we often remained friends in life. That is why I am concerned about what is happening in our countries today,» he said.

This is a difficult period for everyone.

«My homeland Belarus is going through both disturbing and historical times. There are thousands of my fellow countrymen in prisons, hundreds of thousands of people have left the country. The people are being literally assaulted. We have to pay a high price for independence, and independence is under threat,» Hurkou said.

In his opinion, Belarus may be drawn into the alleged conflict. At the same time, the direct participants of the conflict will be ordinary servicemen, but not politicians. He is sure that the conflict will be serious and the aggressors will be repulsed seriously.

«Knowing the character and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, they will shoot from every window,» he said.

Vital Hurkou expressed his readiness to support and defend the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine.

«The freedom of Belarus also depends on Ukraine. And Belarus will be free, it is its destiny,» he added.

Vital Hurkou is a Belarusian fighter who competes in Thai boxing and kickboxing, a multiple world champion, also known as the vocalist of the punk band BRUTTO. He was forced to move from Minsk to Kyiv in 2020.


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