Belarusian and Ukrainian Ministers of Defense discuss confidence-building measures

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Ministers of Defense of Belarus and Ukraine Viktor Khrenin and Aleksey Reznikov had a telephone conversation. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, the conversation was held at the initiative of the Ukrainian side.

According to its information, they discussed the state of cooperation in the military sphere, «sensitive points» and steps to strengthen the atmosphere of trust and security in the region. The Belarusian side reports that Viktor Khrenin stressed the fraternal nature of relations between the two countries.

«Belarus is not the initiator of tension between Belarus and Ukraine,» the ministry said.

According to its information, Alexey Reznikov supported the resumption of cooperation between the two countries, as well as the intensification of cooperation on security issues and mutual trust. The ministers discussed Armed Forces training activities. They expressed confidence that they did not pose any security threats.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement about the conversation that it was held to restore the atmosphere of dialogue, reduce the degree of public manifestations and ensure security in the region.

The Ukrainian party notes that they discussed confidence-building and transparency measures during the military drills near the borders, as well as elimination of possible incidents and mutual informing of extraordinary situations. Alexey Reznikov informed the Belarusian party on the course of the exercise «Zametil – 2022,» emphasizing its defensive nature. The parties agreed on mutual visits of military attachés to the drills in the territory of the two countries. Alexey Reznikov noted the open nature of the conversation.

«I thank my colleague Viktor Khrenin for the frank conversation. I have repeatedly stressed that the relationship between the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples is special. Our feelings are very warm. Any threats or provocations from Ukraine to Belarus are excluded, it is simply impossible. Viktor Gennadyevich also assured me that there are no risks and threats for Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We have discussed the things that are now on the agenda and defined the algorithm of further interaction. I take it as a positive signal and the first step towards fruitful cooperation,» the Ukrainian minister said.

It should be noted that Kyiv has initiated the procedures within the Vienna Document with regard to Russia’s military activity. The Baltic states have made a similar request regarding the «Union Resolve – 2022» exercise, which is taking place in our country. A meeting has already been scheduled within the OSCE. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry intends to express its assessment of the joint military activity of Belarus and Russia.


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