Belarusian Hajun: Another location of PMC Wagner was found near Asipovichy

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На русском языке: «Беларускі Гаюн»: Найдена ещё одна локация ЧВК «Вагнер» под Осиповичами

According to the Belarusian Hajun monitoring group, old military storage facilities on the territory of the former military town №28 Paplavy near Asipovichy started to be used since mid-July. Activity on the territory of the former military town near Paplavy village was noticed after the beginning of the arrival of large organized convoys of PMC Wagner to the tent camp in Tsel village.

It is known that there are 15 buildings on this territory, 10 of which are military storages with an area of up to 1070 square meters. There is also an old equipment storage and several guardhouses.

According to our data, the storages started to be used approximately on July 18, which is confirmed by satellite images. Comparing the images of July 17 and July 24, we can see that at least 6 zones with visible changes appeared on the territory of the former military town a week apart. It can be seen that on July 24, some roads to the hangars had already been traveled on.

We recall that on July 24, we reported about a convoy of PMC Wagner consisting of at least 80 vehicles, which was moving along the M5 highway from the camp in Tsel village and turned off the highway towards Veraitsy village. That convoy could have been going to the Asipovichski training ground or to the military storage facilities near Paplavy village. In both cases, the turn from the highway to Veraitsy village allows them to travel along a much less remarkable road, otherwise they would have to go through Asipovichy, where the traffic density is higher and more people could see them.

We note that the distance from the camp in Tsel village to the military storages near Paplavy is 27 kilometers or 30 minutes by car.

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