Belarusian military attaché participated in the Day of Honorary Guests at the exercise in Ukraine

Metel 2022
3 mins

Defense Attaché at the Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine Igor Shmatok took part in the Day of Honorary Guests within the framework of the exercise «Metel – 2022», which is held on the territory of the neighboring country.

«This step was made within the framework of agreements between the Belarusian and Ukrainian defense ministries aimed at increasing transparency and trust between the two neighboring countries and reducing the degree of tension in the region,» the press service of the Belarusian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

As a reminder, Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov reported about Shmatok’s planned visit to the exercise. According to him, the Ukrainian attache had already observed the exercise «Union Resolve 2022» in Belarus yesterday. The Ukrainian exercise is taking place in the Rovno and Kharkiv regions.


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