Belarusian military attaché to visit exercise in Ukraine

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Today, the military attaché of Belarus to Ukraine will visit the exercise held by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This was stated by Aleksey Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, on air of the TV channel Ukraine 24. According to him, yesterday the Ukrainian attache had already observed the exercise «Union Resolve – 2022» in Belarus.

«I had a very important conversation with my Belarusian colleague Viktor Khrenin two days ago. Ukraine has particularly warm feelings for the Belarusian people. We are interested in maintaining good neighborly relations. Minister Khrenin assured me that there are and will be no threats to Ukraine from the territory. We immediately took a number of steps to increase trust. Our defense attaché visited exercises in Belarus yesterday. Today we will host the Belarusian attaché at the exercise in Rovno,» Reznikov said.

According to the minister, large-scale exercises «Zametil 2022» are held in Ukraine now. The exercises are taking place in Rovno and Kharkiv regions. They involve not only units of the armed forces, but also police and the National Guard.

He also noted that so far the incoming intelligence does not indicate an imminent possibility of an invasion by Russia. Reznikov said that Ukraine had already received more than 2,000 tons of ammunition from Western countries.


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