Belarusian Ministry of Defense: drills pose no threat to Europe and neighbors

Photo: Vladimir Blinov
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A briefing was held at the Central House of Officers for foreign defense attaches and the media on the upcoming inspection of the Union State’s rapid reaction forces on the territory of Belarus. It was held by Major-General Viktor Gulevich, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Belarus.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense provides the main theses of his speech:

  • the preparation of the inspection takes place in a difficult military-political situation. Recent events in Kazakhstan have shown the increased role of collective military-political alliances in ensuring the national security of states;
  • the main outcome of the events will be an assessment of the ability of military command bodies and troops to perform tasks to ensure the military security of the Union State;
  • the inspection is carried out in two stages, and at the final stage, a joint Belarusian-Russian exercise «Union Resolve – 2022» is planned;
  • during the development of the inspection plan, an analysis of the development of events in 2020 around Belarus, «all unfriendly messages and unreasonable concentration of troops» and «the development of the crisis situation in Kazakhstan» were also taken into account;
  • at the first stage, until February 10, the troops will move in a combined manner to the initial areas and carry out a set of measures for the coordination of units. Then they will move to the designated areas for training and combat missions. After the redeployment is completed, part of the aviation of the Air Force and Air Defense troops of Belarus and the Russian Aerospace Forces will begin joint patrolling of the airspace;
  • one of the main issues in the first stage is to ensure the timely establishment of groups of troops in threatened areas in accordance with a certain situation in a short time;
  • the readiness and ability to perform combat training missions by the forces and means of the joint air defense training and combat center will be assessed;
  • the active phase of the inspection will begin on February 10 with the joint exercise «Union Resolve – 2022», the theme of which will be the suppression and repulsion of external aggression during a defensive operation, as well as countering terrorism and protecting the interests of the Union State;
  • at the second stage, the main attention will be paid to conducting defensive actions on the designated lines to cover the border of Belarus, including the southern direction, working out training and combat missions for the fire defeat of the invading enemy, including live firing and bombing by aviation. At the final stage of the exercise, the issues of defeating the enemy by conducting counteroffensive actions will be worked out;
  • despite the unscheduled nature of the inspection and the involvement of part of the military command bodies, formations and military units in it, combat training activities continue to be carried out in the Armed Forces during this period in accordance with the Armed Forces Training Plan for this year;
  • the exercise is the final stage of the joint inspection of the Union State’s response forces and is aimed primarily at improving the training of troops;
  • the exercise is purely defensive in nature and poses no threat either to the European community as a whole or to neighbouring countries in particular. It will make it possible to improve the mechanism for sharing defense infrastructure in practice and to test the readiness and ability of the assigned forces to carry out their intended tasks;
  • at the end of the inspection, military units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will leave the territory of Belarus, which happened after all previous drills.


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