A pregnant woman without outerwear was found at the border: she lost a child

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На русском языке: На границе нашли беременную без верхней одежды: она потеряла ребёнка
На беларускай мове: На мяжы знайшлі цяжарную без верхняй вопраткі: яна страціла дзіця

Yesterday, the Telegram channel «MotolkoPomogi» reported that a pregnant woman was found on the border territory of Belarus with Poland, she was taken to the hospital, but the child could not be saved.

According to our information, on Tuesday, November 9, a 27 years old woman of 36-37 weeks of pregnancy was found by border guards and taken to the border village of Poplavtsy. The woman was found without outerwear and shoes, an ambulance was called to her, and she was taken to a medical institution in Grodno, where they stated «intrauterine fetal death» – she lost a child.

Today, Alexei Shcherbinsky, the head of the Main Department of Medical Care Organization of the Ministry of Health  confirmed the information that the woman was admitted to the hospital of the Grodno region, but the child of a pregnant Iraqi citizen could not be saved.

«Unfortunately, despite all the actions taken, the specialists failed to save the baby: intrauterine fetal death was diagnosed. The woman herself is in a stable condition and receives all the necessary assistance«,– he said.

In the same message, Shcherbinsky claims that the woman allegedly went to the hospital on her own. We know from several sources that it is a lie. She didn’t do it herself. At the moment, it is not known what was done to her and by whom on the territory of Belarus.

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