Belarusians helped to raise funds for the «Polish» Bayraktar for Ukraine

Photo: wikipedia/Bayhaluk/CC BY-SA 4.0
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На русском языке: Беларусы помогли собрать на «польский» Bayraktar для ВСУ
На беларускай мове: Беларусы дапамаглі сабраць на «польскі» Bayraktar для ВСУ

The «Bayraktar for Ukraine» campaign in Poland has raised more than 23,7 million zlotys from the required 22,5 million zlotys ($4,8 million).

The initiator of the fundraiser, a well-known Polish journalist Slawomir Sierakowski, said that not only Poles donated, but also Lithuanians and Belarusians, who made a significant contribution.

«Since the first day, I invited Belarusians who live in Poland to create their own virtual money-box as part of this action, and as a result, they collected the most money of all the money-boxes. This is an evidence that Lukashenka is on the side of Putin, but the majority of Belarusians are on the side of Ukraine,» Serakowski noted.

As a result, only in a personal money-box Belarusians donated more than $20,000 (93 thousand zlotys). There are still 5 days until the end of the fundraising, and at the moment the total amount of donations has reached 23,712,812 zlotys.

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