The Belarusian Ministry of Defence is going to purchase 1000 body bags. True or fake?
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На русском языке: Минобороны Беларуси собирается купить 1000 мешков для трупов. Правда или фейк?
На беларускай мове: Мінабароны Беларусі збіраецца купіць 1000 мяшкоў для трупаў. Праўда ці фэйк?

On July 23, documents appeared in social networks, saying that the Ministry of Defence of Belarus is considering the possibility of purchasing 1000 «bags for transportation of bodies of the dead.» Thus, two response letters to the request of the Ministry of Defence – from BelSudExpertObespecheniye (engaged in the production of bags for bodies) and Fister LLC (engaged in the provision of funeral services) – became publicly available.

Fister LLC responded to the request of the Ministry of Defenсe, saying that it does not produce or sell «sanitary bags for transportation of bodies». In its reply, BelSudExpertObespecheniye indicates that it can produce 1000 bags for transportation of the bodies of the dead within 10 calendar days. The cost of one bag varies from 9,9 to 13,9 Belarusian rubles (depending on the version).

Flagshtok called the author of the response letter – Veronika Kovalchuk, the head of the department of marketing and logistics of the enterprise. She confirmed that she had prepared this answer for the Ministry of Defenсe.

It is hard to give a definite reason for the purchase of the bags. It should be noted that the system of the Ministry of Defenсe includes a number of medical institutions (medical centers in Grodno, Minsk, Barysau, Baranavichiy, etc.). The military of the Armed Forces of Belarus, members of their families, as well as military pensioners can receive medical care in these medical centers. Patients die in any health care facility. Therefore, the purchase of «body bags» is not something unusual. The question about the number of bags to be purchased –1000 items – remains open.

If we divide 1000 bags among four medical centers of the ministry, we get 250 for each. At the same time, the purchase of 375 to 520 «body bags» for one hospital was designated as «normal», taking into account the annual need for such «consumables» (adjusting for the excess mortality from COVID-19 in health care facilities).

What confuses us about this story?

1. As we wrote previously, the documents appeared on July 23 in telegram channels. As a rule, «fake» documents and information are distributed in this way.

2. Pro-regime telegram channels deny the authenticity of documents about the purchase of 1000 «body bags».

At the same time, we believe that even in the case of authenticity of the leaked documents, the purchase is not something special. And we are not talking about potential «cargo 200.»

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