Belarusians were forbidden from holding their flags at a rally in support of Ukraine by the head of an anti-discrimination organization

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На русском языке: Беларусам запрещал держать свои флаги один из руководителей организации по борьбе с дискриминацией. Его действия и есть дискриминация тех, кто всегда поддерживал Украину
На беларускай мове: Беларусам забараняў трымаць свае сцягі адзін з кіраўнікоў арганізацыі па барацьбе з дыскрымінацыяй. Яго дзеянні і ёсць дыскрымінацыя тых, хто заўсёды падтрымліваў Украіну

MOST media reported that the organizers of the rally on February 24 in Krakow prohibited Belarusians from attending the rally with national Belarusian flags. Despite all the arguments of people that the white-red-white flag has nothing to do with the Lukashenka regime and that Belarusians fight in the Ukrainian Armed Forces under this flag, they were ordered to remove the flags.

MOST media published a video from the rally, where we can clearly hear the ban from one of the organizers of the rally, who stood there with the police. The media writes that the rally was organized by representatives of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow. Indeed, social networks of the Consulate General say that they provided support in the organization.

Belarusians were forbidden from holding their flags at a rally in support of Ukraine by the head of an anti-discrimination organization

In the video, we can notice the badge of the person who proposed a ban on Belarusians, or, frankly speaking, promoted discrimination based on nationality. His name is Vasyl Herasymchuk. He is also present in other photos from the rally in a yellow jacket with a badge.

We found out that Vasyl Herasymchuk is the chairman of the board and one of the founders of Fundacja Chimera Kultur, an NGO registered in Poland. We note that the website of this organization says that they promote:

  • Development of dialogue between different peoples regardless of nationality, race, age and gender (link);
  • Support for independence of third country nationals in the EU (link);
  • Support for the rapprochement of nations, societies and states of the Central and Eastern European region by promoting mutual knowledge and information, as well as creating awareness of a sense of cultural commonality and shared interests (link).

Thus, with his actions, a manager of the anti-discrimination organization demonstrated his biased attitude towards people who have always supported Ukraine, including at the rally on February 24. We can state that Vasyl Herasymchuk’s position is directly opposite to that of his organization, and that the fight against discrimination is quite selective.

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