Belavia has lost 13 aircraft in a month

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На русском языке: Belavia лишилась 13 самолётов за месяц
На беларускай мове: Мінус 13 самалётаў за месяц у Belavia

Last week, we published an inside where we told that Belavia Airlines had sent 10 of its aircraft for storage or transferred to partners since October 26. After that, two more Embraer E175LR were added to the list, and today another one flew to Azerbaijan.

Belavia has lost 13 aircraft in a month

Embraer E195LR aircraft with registration number EW-533PO flies from Minsk to Baku, 24.11.2021 / flightradar24

The 13th aircraft which the airline has lost is Embraer E195LR with registration number EW-533PO. The plane landed in Baku today, November 24, at 19:03. Thus, since November 17, the air carrier has already sent 6 of its aircraft to Azerbaijan, and a total of 13 aircraft have already been transferred to different countries.

According to the information of, from 5 to 7 aircraft can be transferred to the largest Azerbaijani company Azerbaijan Airlines. Judging by the composition of their fleet, they already have 8 aircraft of the Embraer E190 series, which are used by their subsidiary budget airline Buta Airways. This means that the airline may well be allowed to operate Embraer E175LR and E195LR, which are already in Baku.

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