Bloomberg: Belgium seeks easing of the EU sanctions against the potash sector

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На русском языке: Bloomberg: Бельгия добивается ослабления санкций ЕС на калийный сектор
На беларускай мове: Bloomberg: Бельгія імкнецца паслабіць санкцыі ЕС на калійны сектар

Bloomberg reports that Belgium is trying to soften the sanctions of the European Union against the potash industry in Belarus.

According to the publication, diplomats in Brussels wrote a letter to other EU member states with a request to ease the restrictions imposed against the Belarusian potash industry. They claim that the sanctions against Belaruskali have caused certain problems for companies in the EU.

Diplomats propose that the EU allow the supply of potash fertilizers with a potassium content of 2% more than currently allowed. The letter notes that if European companies are forced to buy potash fertilizers from other sources, this will lead to a jump in prices and a decrease in the quality of potash fertilizers.

The EU imposed a ban on the import and transit of potash fertilizers from Belarus on June 24, and on August 9, sanctions on the potash sector were imposed by the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. They apply to potassium chloride with a potassium content of not more than 40% and exceeding 62%, fertilizers containing three components: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, fertilizers containing two components: phosphorus and potassium and other fertilizers containing potassium.

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