Nasha Niva: Lukashenka’s security forces were ordered to track Russians hiding from mobilization
Updated: September 22 2022 17:53
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На русском языке: «Наша Ніва»: Силовикам Лукашенко дали указание отслеживать россиян, скрывающихся от мобилизации
На беларускай мове: «Наша Ніва»: Сілавікам Лукашэнкі далі ўказанне адсочваць расейцаў, якія хаваюцца ад мабілізацыі

The publication Nasha Niva, citing its sources in the security forces, reports that yesterday, September 21, Belarusian enforcers received a verbal order to identify Russians, who come to hide from mobilization.

«So far, at the level of verbal orders, it has been told to monitor «apartments for short-term rent,» to contact owners of the apartments. New cars with Russian license plates in courtyards have also been ordered to be monitored. Collect information, check documents,» the source told the publication.

When asked by journalists ,»Will Russians be allowed to hidein Belarus from taking part in the war?» the source replied as follows:

«I think that we will extradite them. The general system of fines was established, and it’s an easy task to catch an evader.»

UPD.  The publication DW Belarus, citing its sources, reports that men with Russian passports are checked at Minsk National Airport. It’s clarified that the police are involved in this process.

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