Cameron: the Lukashenka regime is totalitarian and the UK will continue to use sanctions and other tools against it

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На русском языке: Кэмерон: Режим Лукашенко тоталитарный и Великобритания продолжит использовать против него санкции и другие инструменты

Former Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, who took the post of the Foreign Secretary in mid-November, made his debut in the House of Lords yesterday and immediately expressed his position regarding Belarus.

As Pavel Latushka noted, during Cameron’s speech yesterday, member of the House George Foulkes asked the Foreign Secretary whether the government would consider tightening sanctions against the Lukashenka regime.

In response, Cameron called it Europe’s totalitarian regime and showed his awareness of the scale of repression in Belarus:

«They [Lukashenka’s enforcers] randomly confiscate people’s mobile phones to see who they’ve been contacting and what social media they’re following. Trade unions have been dissolved and their leaders imprisoned.

Waving the Ukrainian flag is against the law and can result in a jail sentence, and there are 1500 people who are political prisoners.

So we will keep using the sanctions and other tools as appropriate

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